The Brooklyn Service Station in Brooklyn, Iowa opened as a Standard Oil gas station in 1930.  Its art deco lettering and glazed brick exterior are stylistic features that are increasingly rare.  Note that the pump on the right dispenses gasohol…after all, this is Iowa.  Photo from September 1, 2018.


by J.R. Eyerman 

Drive-in, Utah, 1958

If you own any photography books, chances are that you have seen the photo above. Charlton Heston as Moses in Ten Commandments, towering over a
neat assemblage of cars. Taken by J.R. Eyerman at a drive-in theatre
in Utah, this photo was published in Life magazine’s special issue on U.S. Entertainment.

According to Eyerman’s family [on Reddit], he sat down with Cecil B. deMille, the director of Ten Commandments to
choose the best single frame from the movie. As the Mormon Church made
the movie a required viewing, finding a drive-in staging the film was
not difficult, but Eyerman attempted to find one with a scenic
background, and enticed college students up from Brigham Young
University with a free movie showing. It was a double exposure shot, as
he took the first exposure at the sunset, and the second (of the frame
deMille chose) after the students had left. (Ten Commandments wasn’t
screened for the students; the risque Roger Vadim film “And God Created
Woman” featuring Brigitte Bardot was).

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